Learn HTML with Umbrella Corp!

So I guess I'm going to try and learn HTML by playing some Resident Evil / Biohazard games and then alternatively shrieking and laughing at them.
I wrote a lot of this content originally as a series of e-mails to some close friends of mine.
I'd been considering learning HTML for the longest time, but had almost no motivation to build my own site.
Then one day, one of my friends referred to my ramblings like so...

"I've had many similar moments but not had time to catalog them and definitely not so many in a single game to make an entertaining long post."
...and I thought, 'hey...!'

But maybe you'd prefer to skip this nonsense and just go to a list of the best Resident Evil characters?

The 'Turning Around Zombie' greets you.
"Y halo thar, did not see you come in."

FINALLY playing through Resident Evil HD Remaster and enjoying the heck out of it. The atmosphere is just perfectly creepy - the visuals are fantastic and the sound design is spot on!
In order to open several main corridors in the mansion,

and then unlock the corridors.

I know in Resi continuity the Umbrella Corporation is gone, but I hope their chief architect and UI designer is still around. I feel that he would have been a more interesting running villain than Wesker.
The mechanics are great, though, and there's a bunch of stuff I wasn't prepared for - such as zombies I'd escaped and left locked in their own little rooms bursting out of the doors and starting to wander the corridors...
Before this, I was doing a little study of Silent Hill 1 for some camera tricks, and then I was playing Dino Crisis (for more innovative camera use!).
Dino Crisis was made by Shinji Mikami (Resi creator) and Shu Takumi (who would go on to create the amazing Ace Attorney / Turnabout Court series). It's actually really, really fucking good and if you're looking out for some classic survival horror you should take a look, the first few hours are fantastic.
Unfortunately, while the dinosaurs are surprisingly effective enemies in the game (and you have to use the base defences in interesting ways against them), the actual setting of the game is dull, dull, dull. Say what you like about Resident Evil, it knew how to give you interesting locations - spooky mansions, police stations under siege, weird Spanish villages... Dino Crisis gives you room after room of:
I still recommend taking a look, but be prepared to punch out early.
Post Resi Remaster, I'm thinking of taking a look at Resi5 - I'd like to play this in coop, but there's a giant spider boss, so James is unlikely to take a look at it. With that in mind, I might skip Resi5 and go to Shinji Mikami's latest game, The Evil Within or take a look at Resi7 - both featuring a return to spooky mansions for setting.
Anyhow. Lots of Resi 1 to see yet. Very much reminded of Dark Souls 1 - that sense of palpable relief when you unlock a shortcut that can get you back to your save game station is identical.

Best Resident Evil Characters

  1. Richard "We Heardly Knew Ye" Aiken
  2. Brad "They can't fire me, I've got a three-game-lock!" Vickers
  3. Kevin "Ace Pilot" Dooley
  4. Unnamed "That Guy's A Maniac" Truck Driver
  5. Andy "A murderer" Holland
Hipster Bird
The crows that attack you in the mansion's gallery.
Turns people into zombies, makes animals huge.

Thanks to Wesker a concerned Umbrella employee for providing supplemental lies details!


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